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 New Mexico Soccer Legends
 Richard Farrer - UNM and Las Cruces
 Louie Cernicek - Los Alamos
 Patrick Grange - UNM and Albuquerque High
 Alexis Ball - UNM and La Cueva
 Klaus Weber - UNM / Bosque Prep
 Nikki Knutson - UNM and La Cueva
 Brandon Moss: Eldorado, UNM, Columbus Crew
 Edgar Castillo - Mayfield HS
 New Mexico State Champions, Coaches, Results
 New Mexico Women's State Champions 1981 to Present
 New Mexico Men's State Champions 1981 to Present
 Soccer Statistic History 1981 - 2000
 Soccer Stats 1981 and 1982
 Yearbook of Soccer Stats and Info 1981-2000

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